Copperhead:Gail            “Throughout our lives we discover connections that always take us back to home, a place to be. …. Home is where we come from, our origin from where we take root and grow, our reference point. And connections we can make will always lead us back to home.” 

As I read Nancy Chadwick’s blog this week, I was reminded of how important my childhood roots have been in preparing me for the past eight decades.

How would I have lived differently if I had not learned important lessons as a boy growing up on a hardscrabble 40 acres in the hillbilly country of southwestern Missouri? Continue reading YOU CAN GO HOME AGAIN EVEN TO SCRATCH AN ITCH


I should have written “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” which would have made me rich and famous.

fire and furyUnfortunately, I am writing a book of real fiction that will cost me a couple of Social Security checks to self-publish and should sell about as well as used popsicles.

My friends question why an 88-year-old would be embarking on a fiction-writer’s journey rather than playing bingo at the senior center and working crossword puzzles to slow a rapidly diminishing number of brain cells.

Why, they ask, would someone who spent more than a half-century creating what our self-proclaimed genius president calls “fake news” would attempt to create real fiction?

I met, worked with and wrote about many “characters” during my career as a newspaper journalist but find that the characters I create in fiction often are difficult to deal with. (Don’t cringe because I ended a sentence with a preposition. Remember, I’m writing fiction.)

The protagonist in the book I’m writing disappeared for six months for some inexplicable reason. (Protagonist is a sophisticated word for hero, except the protagonist in the book I’m writing is a heroine.)

Anne is a lot like my mother and maternal grandmother, who operated freely in their worlds a long time before the feminist era.

So, I wasn’t surprised when Annie took a “time out” and did her thing for six months. Now, she’s back, and I’m banging out a thousand words or so a day about her adventures.

I plan to complete the book, “Appleton Annie,” sometime this year. I know that it won’t be a best seller like “Fire and Fury,” but writing fiction keeps me in touch with the real world.