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The adage that time passes rapidly when you’re having fun applies in the case of this blog that I established a year ago with the help of a computer expert.

I had two reasons for sharing my thoughts with the world-at-large.

First, I sold the letterpress print shop that occupied a former bedroom in our house. I DEAN caricaturelearned the printing trade as a boy knowing that I would need to operate a type-setting machine and presses if someday I were to own a weekly newspaper.

When my journalistic focus turned to reporting and editing, I began purchasing letterpress equipment for printing a journal that was circulated among more than a hundred other hobbyists. Writing articles for use in the journal became as satisfying as setting type by hand one character at a time and printing each page on a “real” press.

So, when this avenue of communication ended, I decided to write essays on a variety of subjects and to share them via a blog.

Another reason for establishing this blog was to promote books that I began writing three years ago. I also joined Facebook. Because I’m a typewriter-era guy, I needed help of a computer guru to set up a page on this blog that promoted the books and a page to showcase another hobby of mine: photography. Continue reading TWO REASONS FOR SHARING THOUGHTS ON THIS BLOG