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The Speed Graphic camera sat on a shelf near where I was being interviewed for a weekly newspaper job in 1954. I had traveled new SPEED GRAPHIC imagemore than 1,500 miles from Missouri to Oregon with my wife and two small children, and I needed the job.

The interview with the publisher and print shop foreman dragged on and on, and I could tell they weren’t convinced that I could be successful despite my experience of editing four weekly newspapers and six years of college during which I specialized in journalism.

Even though I was 25 years old, I looked like I was 18, which I blamed on an inherited “young” gene.

On a whim, I stood, walked to the shelf, took down the Speed Graphic, named the parts as I field-stripped and reassembled the camera. “This is a good camera,” I said.

I was offered the job a few minutes later.

I was introduced to photography a few years earlier because I needed a class — any class — to fill my semester requirements at the University of Missouri. I ended up in Cliff Edom’s beginning Continue reading SPEED GRAPHIC CAMERA HELPED CLINCH THE DEAL



William “Bill” Haynes became “passionate” about photography after he retired in 2007 and began taking images of people and places during treks around the globe.

HAYNES B:WMost recently he traveled along the historic U.S. Route 66 that served as a major path for migrants heading west during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s but was broken up by the Interstate Highway System starting in the 1950s.

Bill teamed up with Jim Miranda, a former college classmate, to retrace a section of the highway they had traveled together in 2007 when the two men turned 70.

“We did the trip from Santa Monica to Amarillo in 10 days that year and then from Amarillo to Chicago five years later,” Bill says. “This year we repeated the first journey but in reverse, starting in Amarillo and driving to Los Angeles.

“All trips were made in a rented Mustang convertible because in Continue reading HOBBYIST ON ROAD AGAIN RETRACING HIGHWAY 66