Photo Gallery

Among Dean’s Favorites


Sunset viewed from the new home of Lou and Dean Rea on the third floor of Terpening Terrace in Eugene, Oregon.


Volleyball ranks among the most popular extra-curricular activities among residents of Terpening Terrace, a retirement community in Eugene, Oregon.

mount hood

Mount Hood welcomes travelers southbound on Highway 35 from Hood River to Parkdale in Hood River Valley.

Brush fire

Firefighter mops up brush fire near Creswell south of Eugene, Oregon.

japanese maple

Japanese Maple in full color in the front yard of our former home in Eugene.

Siuslaw fishing

Angler fishes for steelhead in Siuslaw River near Oregon Coast.


Grass in front of a deck in the yard at our former home in Eugene, Oregon.


Displayed in a showcase at a shopping mall in Eugene, Oregon.


Rock pile in Newport, Oregon.

ROSES 2016

Double-delight rose bushes grow in our yard. This is a popular variety because of its beauty and scent.


Bird houses without floors helped decorate the yard at our former home in Eugene.


Spike keeps watch over the back yard at our former home in Eugene.

courtyard bridge.JPG

Courtyard at our new home in Terpening Terrace, a retirement facility in north Eugene. We moved into our third-floor apartment in early summer 2018.